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Mastering the Art of CNC Machining Brass Services

Brass, a go-to material for many industries, is widely revered for its versatility and functionality. Off-late, CNC machining brass services have become instrumental in leveraging the properties of this alloy to create top-level components. This blog post will deep dive into the world of CNC machining brass, illuminating its efficient techniques, benefits, and examples of its applications.

The Brass of All Trades

Brass, a sublime combination of copper and zinc, exhibits fascinating properties that make it ideal for a spectrum of applications. Its low friction against other metals, supreme conductibility, malleability, and resilience against heat and corrosion pave the path for it being the material of choice in manufacturing.

CNC Machining Brass: Transforming Ideas into Reality

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining has heralded a new era in manufacturing. The choreography of automated control of machine tools by decoding pre-programmed software is nothing short of a technological marvel. In particular, CNC machining brass services can transform raw brass blocks into desired intricate components with impeccable precision.

Benefits of Using CNC Machining for Brass

The benefits of harnessing CNC machining for brass are manifold.

Precision and Consistency

CNC machining enables shaping brass components with an unmatched level of accuracy. The precision controlled by a computer eliminates the likelihood of manual errors. Additionally, it ensures uniformity across multiple parts, which is vital in large-scale manufacturing.


CNC machining allows the flexibility to adjust the program to manufacture different parts, enhancing its appeal to custom projects. The digital template can be modified without impacting the production line, saving substantial time and money.

Safe and Efficient

CNC machining prioritizes safety. The automatized process diminishes the need for close contact with the machines, thereby reducing accident chances. Besides, the efficiency of CNC machines reduces the waste generated.

CNC Machining Brass Services: Real-World Applications

CNC machining brass has established its footprints in an array of industries.


Brass components cultivated through CNC machining are commonly used in the automotive industry. The heat and corrosion-resistant property of brass make it an ideal choice for components like radiators, terminals, and connectors.

Electrical Equipment

The excellent electrical conductivity of brass is capitalized on in the manufacturing of various electrical equipment. CNC machining ensures the precise production of essential components such as sockets, terminals, and connectors.

Marine Industry

The marine industry extensively uses brass components for parts exposed to constant water contact. Because of its resistance to saltwater, many marine components are made with brass, including propeller shafts, marine hardware, and cylindrical housings.

Musical Instruments

In the manufacturing of musical instruments, particularly wind and brass instruments, CNC machining brass services play a pivotal role. It allows manufacturers to produce components with artistic design, consistency, and precision.

Unveiling the essence, benefits, and applications of CNC machining brass services is akin to witnessing the perfect fusion of art and science. This technology's intricate precision and design flexibility are truly revolutionizing manufacturing, promising a future where boundaries of innovation are continually pushed and extended. The exploration of CNC and brass in tandem are just the beginning of what we envision as the future of manufacturing. As this journey unfolds, we are excited to see the many ways CNC machining will continue to evolve and grow. Stay tuned for more insights and developments in the world of CNC machining brass.

cnc machining brass services

CNC Brass Machining

CNC Brass Machining has very useful properties to produce metal parts.

Brass is soft and easy-machining material for machining components. It is common and popular material for different industries by CNC machining process.

CNC machining brass parts begin as a raw piece of metal which is fixed on cnc machine and starting turning or milling on it to create a desired shape or object.

In this process, a cutter removes brass from raw material into a perfect work-piece, its machining speed is much faster than other hard materials

CNC Brass Machining

Benefits of CNC Brass Machining

1/ CNC Machining Brass Parts are widely used in many fields, supporting very good functions

2/ CNC Machining Brass Parts are soft and tight in sealing function, suitable for many sealing structure

3/ Brass is easy for cutting and machining, its production efficiency is much higher than steel series

4/ Good propriety for forging or casting

5/ Heat transferring function very good, high resistance, rust proof, long durable using

6/ Easy for surface finishing treatment, electroplating is commonly used on brass parts

CNC Brass Machining

Composition And Property of CNC Machining Brass

Brass Property Alloy Type Content Melting Point Hardness Tensile Strength Density
Binary Copper & Zinc 900-940 °C HB80-110 315 MPa 8.53 g/cm3

Common Materials Code of CNC Machining Brass

Brass Alloy Workable Processes Surface Finishing for Brass Parts Materials Code
CNC Turning, CNC Milling, CNC Drilling, Molding, Forging, Fabrication, Welding, etc. Passivation, Anodizing, Plating, Chemical Polishing, etc. Brass 3600
Brass 2600
Bearing Bronze
Beryllium Bronze
other more Brass Alloy

Asianstar: Professional CNC Machining Supplier

From year of 2005, Asianstar Company establish the CNC Machining Factory in Guangdong Province, China.
We mostly provide CNC Turning, Milling, Drilling, Grinding, and Multi Machining processes service on various materials.
With the Belief of becoming a key supplier in the supply-chain of Precision Components, we strictly control our product quality, keep high precision on our components production, buildup the whole-process QC System and submit the satisfaction for every order.
By long term development, we have buildup partnership with world-wide clients, supporting our partners in Designing, Optimizing, Producing and Testing on each type of components.

Advantages of Asianstar CNC Brass Machining

Strong Facilities

Asianstar many CNC machines allow us to produce various brass parts, different shapes, sizes, and structures are all well done by suitable solution

Long-term Skills

Asianstar professional engineers team has experience from year 2005, we produce many brass parts for world wide clients with expertise

Stable Quality

Asianstar QC system and QC tools guarantee our products are perfect result. We have procedures to control brass parts quality during production

Competitive Price

Asianstar aim to buildup partnership with clients, always choose best suitable facilities to carry out the components in competitive prices


CNC Brass Machining


CNC Machining Brass material is used for wide range components, we support clients to produce a variety of parts such as gears, locks, electronics, pipe fittings, etc.

CNC Copper Machining


CNC Machining Copper material is soft and easy to machining on different shape of components. We mostly produce copper components for electric devices by machining and stamping

CNC Aluminum Machining


CNC Machining Aluminum materials is one of our most used materials. We support clients to turning, drilling or milling on aluminum material from size 0.5mm to 470mm

CNC Stainless Steel Machining

Stainless Steel

CNC Machining Stainless Steel are common material for wide range components, we produce Stainless Steel turning parts, milling parts, high smoothness components, etc.

CNC Titanium Machining


CNC Machining Titanium material brings components superb features, we use titanium to produce high precision work-piece for clients from aircraft, aerospace, medical devices

CNC Plastic Machining


Our CNC Machining Plastic materials includes ABS, HDPE, LDPE, Nylon, POM, Peek, Polycarbonate, etc. We produce them in high precision and high smoothness.


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