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CNC Turning Service

Asianstar provide CNC Turning Service for worldwide clients on high precision level as tolerance reaching around 0.003mm; Turning parts are widely used in various fields.

What is CNC Turning

CNC turning is a process that involves using computer numerical control (CNC) machines to shape and finish various materials, such as metals and plastics, into desired shapes and sizes.
This process is typically used in the manufacturing industry to produce precision parts and components for a wide range of applications, including automotive, automation, aerospace, medical, machinery, and industrial.

CNC Turning service

How does CNC Turning Work

The CNC turning process involves a CNC lathe, or other CNC machines, which is a machine tool that rotates a work-piece on its axis while a cutting tool moves along the work-piece to remove excess material and achieve the desired shape. The cutting tool is typically a single-point cutting tool, but multi-point cutting tools can also be used.

CNC turning is a highly precise and efficient process that allows manufacturers to produce high-quality parts with tight tolerances and complex geometries. It also allows for easy customization and the ability to quickly and easily change the cutting tool to produce different shapes and sizes.

CNC turning services can typically be customized to meet the specific needs of the customer, including the material, size, shape, and tolerances of the parts being produced.

CNC Turning service

Asianstar Professional CNC Turning Service

Asianstar CNC turning Service offers precision machining for a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics, and composites. With high level facilities and skillful operators, we can produce high-quality parts with tight tolerances and intricate designs.

Our CNC turning capabilities allow us to produce parts with diameters ranging from 0.5 mm to 480mm and lengths up to 450mm. We offer both single and multi-axis turning, as well as live tooling options for added complexity and accuracy.

We use proven processes and quality control measures to ensure that every part we produce meets our clients' specifications and expectations.

Whether you need a single prototype or high-volume production runs, our CNC turning service can provide the precision and reliability you need to get your project completed on time and on budget.

CNC Turning service

Advantages of Asianstar CNC Turning Service

Flexible Facilities

Asianstar many types of turning lathes and machines allow us to produce wide ranges turning parts sizes, workable on different kinds of materials

High Quality

Asianstar QC system and tools, gauges, pins, concentricity measurement, roughness detector,projector, CMM, micro-meter, salt-spray device, etc.

High Efficiency

Asianstar huge productivity and experienced processes solutions, make the products by suitable turning machines and in very fast speed

Competitive Price

aim to build up partnership with clients, always choose best suitable facilities and solutions to carry out the components in competitive prices

Components Sizes of Asianstar CNC Turning Service

Unit (mm) Min Max
Out Diameter 0.5 480
Inner Diameter (Hole) 0.3 465
Length 1.0 450
Groove Diameter 0.4 above
Thread M1.2 above

Components Tolerance of Asianstar CNC Turning Service

Unit (mm) Tolerance according to sizes
Height Tolerance Diameter Size 0.5 to 3 3 to 6 6 to 30 30 to 120 120 to300 300 to480
Tolerance ±0.003 ±0.010 ±0.020 ±0.030 ±0.035 ±0.040
Length Tolerance Length Size 0.5 to 3 3 to 6 6 to 10 10 to 20 20 to 30 30 above
Tolerance ±0.010 ±0.020 ±0.250 ±0.250 ±0.030 ±0.035

Components shape and position tolerance of Asianstar CNC Turning Service

Tolerance Class followed Tolerance (mm)
Straightness and Flatness Verticality Symmetry
10 10 to 30 30 to 100 100 to 300 300 to 1000 1000 to 3000 to 100 100 to 300 300 to 1000 1000 to 3000 to 100 100 to 300 300 to 1000 1000 to 3000
H ±0.015 ±0.02 ±0.03 ±0.05 ±0.10 ±0.15 ±0.02 ±0.025 ±0.03 ±0.035 ±0.02 ±0.03 ±0.04 ±0.05

Capability of Asianstar CNC Turning Service

Type of Turning Machine Diameter Size (mm) Length Size (mm) Productivity (PCS/Month)
Auto Turning Machine Simple Turning Machine Multi Turning Machine Pin Turning Machine Min 0.5 Max 480 Min 1.0 Max 450 200’000/Item

Asianstar CNC Turning Service Supports Various Industries Fields:

Asianstar CNC Turning Services produce turning parts for many fields, with our professional technology and experienced skills, we offer clients different turning components of tight tolerance and superb finishing.
Most industries we are working for are as below(not limited to):

Machinery Industry

Tooling Industry

Agricultural Industry

Electronics Industry

Medical Industry

Automation Industry

Automotive Industry

Aerospace Industry

High-Tech Industry

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